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Your ID just caught up with your phone

Convenience + privacy. You need both to prove your identity with speed and ease. Verify your driver’s license or passport just once. Then, share and reshare it on your terms. From the time you enroll your ID to when you decide to store and share it, you’re in control.

Trust begins with verified identity

Prove your identity once, then securely control your ID for each step of your journey. Reusability makes your digital ID stronger, building greater trust between you and your favorite places.

Airside’s digital identity platform leverages technology trusted by the U.S. government and the world’s largest airlines and loved by millions of people to save time and protect privacy.

Optimize user experiences

Create enjoyable, personalized journeys by providing streamlined, touchless services. No fumbling for physical IDs. No worries about lost, stolen, or fake IDs. No creepy collection and use of identity data.

Increase security

Fight fraud and eliminate vulnerable data silos using our end-to-end, decentralized solution. Identities are verified against trusted data sources and data is encrypted on the user’s device and in transit.

Achieve data privacy

Keep data only in the hands of users. Opt-in, enrollment-based flow puts users in control. By enabling consent-driven, time-bound sharing, you’ll meet complex global and local regulatory compliance laws.

Reduce costs with reusability

Lighten onboarding and operational overhead by facilitating easy-to-share identity proofing. Users establish a verified identity once, then access more services with one click of their reusable ID.

Expedite integration

Speed up your sprint cycles. Safe, reliable, and cost-efficient identity verification and sharing capabilities are interoperable with existing legacy systems and the newest technologies.

Drive network growth

Leverage multidimensional identities, cross-vertically. Built with unique attributes and shared repeatedly for multiple services over time, their interconnections create network strength.

Privacy First. Human Always.®

Control of one’s personal information is a civil liberty. Airside is the world’s first and only privacy network that gives individuals complete control of their digital identity. We offer secure, scalable, user-centric solutions that empower businesses to access shared customer information with integrity.

Make travel easy using biometric data across the entire trip

Give your customers great experiences, without interruptions

Enable your customers to access and share verified COVID vaccination information
Reduce fraud and speed applicant transactions with identity proofing that is faster, easier, and more private
Make customer onboarding, KYC and AML checks, and servicing secure and more effiecient
Speed up secure access of employees and vistors

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