Manage your customers' data with their privacy in mind

AirsideX allows you to securely access your customers’ most sensitive information in a user-controlled, consent-driven manner. 100% compliant with all privacy laws.

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Give your customers the experiences they seek with the privacy you've promised

Maintain Trust

Use our privacy-first solution to demonstrate your commitment to your customers.

Reduce Risk

Minimize your exposure to the most sensitive data while still providing the best user experience. 

Comply with Privacy Laws

Our privacy-by-design architecture simplifies compliance with major privacy regulations, like GDPR and CCPA.

Maintain Trust

You can rely on our privacy-first solution to demonstrate your commitment to your customers’ privacy

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AirsideX: How It Works

  1. You send a share request to your customer including what you need, why, and for how long.
  2. Your customer grants consent, creating a unique encryption key for your request.
  3. Your customer creates a license with those consent parameters that you can use to access the information, along with the encryption key.
  4. There’s no need to keep your customer’s data; Airside will ensure you have access to it for the duration of the license (unless the customer revokes the license). You can view prior consents in your audit log.
  5. Your customer is in full control of granting and revoking consent providing new levels of transparency and trust with you.

Simplify compliance with complex privacy laws​

Clear Terms for Users

Each request to share information clearly outlines who is requesting access to data, what data needs to be accessed, why and for how long.

Technological Enforcement

Licenses cryptographically enforce the parameters of the share request ensuring data privacy and security.

Keep Track of Each Interaction

Consent receipts create an audit log for individuals and businesses of every transaction.

User-Controlled, Consent-Driven​

Consumers can revoke their consent easily from their own device to exercise their Right to Forget.

Privacy and Security

Ensuring that sensitive data remains secure and private guides every decision at Airside.

Privacy by Design

Airside products are built from the ground up with a privacy by design approach. We do not store, cannot see, and do not sell sensitive consumer data. Our unique architecture gives our members the freedom to choose when and with whom they share their data ensuring trust in every customer interaction.

Security as a Promise

With AirsideX, data is always encrypted, at rest and in transit. We have used a decentralized approach including storing data on the user’s device. Every transaction undergoes multiple encryptions and signatures and has a unique encryption key, ensuring only our customers and members can access any information they have chosen to share – no one at Airside can view any data at any time. Additionally, access to the data is time-bound, limiting your exposure and risk.

Provide great services with the privacy you've promised

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