Truly Know Your Customers

Use Airside’s proprietary verification service to match biometric and biographic data against trusted government data sources.

Airside Mobile Identity Verification

Access the most reliable sources to verify your customers

Verify Biometrics and Biographics with Source Data

Airside’s unique relationship with government issuing authorities ensures the highest quality data authentication.

Reduce Fraud and Improve Compliance

Ensure fraud protection and compliance throughout the customer on-boarding process.

Enable Online and In-Person Experiences

We have a growing list of partners to enable top quality biometric matching.

Empower customers to verify their own identity in real time

Enable new user experiences with real-time biometric and biographic verification for in-person or mobile experiences.

Airside mobile identity verification

U.S. Drivers Licenses

U.S. Passports

Legal Permanent Resident Cards

Work Visas

Privacy and Security

Information security and data privacy are our top priorities and guide every action we take.

Privacy by Design

Airside allows individuals to verify their identity with government source databases and share that verification to prove their identity in real-time. At Airside, we believe Privacy is a right. We do not store, cannot access, and never sell an individual’s information. Identity information always remains in the consumer’s control ensuring that sensitive data remains secure and private.

Security as a Promise

Airside encrypts every transaction with multiple cryptographic techniques and uses unique user-created keys putting the individual in complete control of sharing their verification and avoiding centralized databases.

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