5 Reasons to Adopt the Airside Identity Network

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The Airside Identity Network delivers a wide range of benefits to organizations. Here are five key benefits that Airside customers realize when they adopt our solutions.

1. Easier compliance 

Emerging data privacy regulations have increased compliance burdens for companies who deal with customer data. Faced with hefty fines for compliance failures, companies are struggling with changing business practices and updating legacy systems to keep up. Many organizations are adopting technology that is privacy-by-design to help support compliance. The Airside Digital Identity Network automatically enforces consent parameters, puts control of the ‘right to forget’ in the user’s hands, and gives businesses proof of user consent for each data transaction which simplifies compliance.

2. Competitive edge 

Consumers prefer to work with companies that can provide convenience and peace of mind that all transactions are conducted with integrity. Too often in the past, convenience and privacy were trade-offs. Airside solutions enable streamlining of a wide variety of processes including account set-up, customer services, high-value transactions, online purchases, and more. Airside has enabled our members to access seamless experiences over 12 million times while keeping control of their personal information. Partnering with Airside empowers businesses to surprise and delight customers.

3. Ease of deployment 

Joining the Airside Network is easy. We leverage RESTful APIs to manage documents, consent, sharing, and device authentication, so no large-scale system changes are required. We also use open standards for consent gathering, authentication, and encryption to ensure interoperability with other technologies. 

4. Scalability 

The Airside Network is capable of scaling to high volumes of low-latency transactions, so there’s no worry about slowdowns during peak periods, such as popular holiday shopping and peak travel season.

5. Security

Our network is built to only allow those with consent to access individuals’ information and only for established time frames. To keep each user’s personal data secure at rest and during transactions, only relying parties with user consent and the user can access any information. Only valid parties can verify a user’s information to prevent tampering or false data. 

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