Use Cases


Empower your customers to use their digital identity to move seamlessly throughout their entire trip.

Airside Mobile Travel Use Cases
  • Streamline the traveler journey
  • Enable single enrollment for biometrics across airports, hotels, and more
  • Limit the need for companies to store data with user-controlled, privacy-first processes


Enable customers to share verified COVID vaccination information digitally so you can restart your organization.

  • Receive vaccination details information that is matched to a verified identity​
  • Provide convenience to customers by accepting a single enrollment solution they can use to return to work, school, travel and more
  • Ensure compliance with privacy regulations by offering consent-driven sharing to protect the customer’s privacy
Airside Mobile Health Mobile Passport

Access control

Speed up and secure physical access for employees and visitors to buildings, offices, lounges and more.

Airside Mobile Access Control Use Case
  • Empower visitors to enroll biometric and biographic information in advance of site visits
  • Expedite visitors and employee entries by matching pre-enrolled information to automate critical points in the process
  • Ensure visitor information is secure and comply with privacy regulations by accessing only essential information


Make customer onboarding, KYC and AML checks, and servicing secure and more efficient through digital verification.

  • Streamline the customer onboarding process with automatic capture and verification of identity information
  • Ensure customer information is secure and stay compliant with privacy regulations
  • Improve customer satisfaction and gain operational efficiency
Airside Mobile Finance Use Case

Keep all personal information private and secure, every time

Privacy by design

At Airside, we believe Privacy is a right. We do not store, cannot access, and never sell your information. Your information always remains in your control.

Security as a promise

At Airside, we use advanced encryption technology to keep all of your information safe whether its on your device or being shared securely with your consent.

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