Alaska Airlines Airside Digital ID App

Alaska Airlines Mobile Verify​

Skip the passport line! U.S. and Canadian passport holders can share their verified passport with Alaska Airlines prior to an international trip using the Airside App.

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Alaska Airlines Airside Digital ID App
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Rush my passport

Available for

U.S. and Canadians passport holders on Alaska Airlines international flights

Start your vacation early

Verify your passport from the comfort of your home. Then, move through the airport without waiting to check-in.
Airside Alaska Airlines Mobile Verify Digital ID app for international flights

All phones

Use the Airside App on any smartphone, iOS or Android

U.S. & Canadian

For all U.S. and Canadian passport holders, aged 13+

All aboard!

Flying on Alaska Airlines international flights

How it works

If you are booked on an international flight with Alaska Airlines, simply use the Airside App to share your verified passport with the airline. Then, skip the check-in line at the airport.


Alaska Airlines mobile verify on Airside digital identity app



Alaska Airlines Mobile Verify Passport verification on Airside mobile ID app


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Airisde App mobile verify digital identity for alaska airlines customers
Airside Digital Identity App

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