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From the team that brought you Mobile Passport, the Airside App makes it easy to share everything from your passport, driver’s license, and COVID vaccination information to safely get you out and about

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Alaska Airlines Airside Digital ID App
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Alaska Airlines Airside Digital ID App
Share your passport with Alaska Mobile Verify prior to an international trip.
Curaçao Express Pass

Eligible passport holders can share their verified passports with Curaçao before an international trip.

Complete the digital immigration card, then share you passport with Curaçao before your arrival.

Airside Alaska Airlines Mobile Verify Digital ID app for international flights

Your Passport License COVID Digital ID

Airside Digital ID makes your life more convenient and secure by allowing you to keep track of your government IDs and COVID vaccine records in one streamlined app.

Store information

Share your verified IDs and scan and store your information.

Save time

Leave your documents in your bag and breeze through lines at the airport and more.

Secure your data

Determine who, why and for how long to share your sensitive information – and remove permission at anytime.

Managing your digital identity is more important than ever before

Duplicative processes not only represent time-wasted but could also compromise your personal information when identity theft and fraud are at all-time highs. You need someone on your side that helps you confidently go about your life, while putting you in full control of your information.

How it works


Enroll your ID

Add your verified driver’s license or passport once and access it easily in the app when you’re ready.
Airside Digital Identity App documents

Select your service

Choose how and with whom to share
your ID, from curb-to-gate at
the airport and beyond.

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Control your data

Use the handy log to keep track of how
you used the app – all of which is
stored only on your phone.

Airside Digital Identity App activities

We're on your side at Airside

Privacy by design

At Airside, we believe privacy is a right. We do not store, cannot access, and never sell your information. Your information always remains in your control.

Security as a promise

At Airside, we use advanced encryption technology to keep all of your information safe, whether it’s on your device or being shared securely with your consent.

Airside Rush My Passport service

Traveling soon and need a passport?

Whether you need a new or renewal passport our partner RushMyPassport is here to help.Enjoy fast processing, personalized service, and user friendly online application experience. Trust the experts at RushMyPassport to help get you on your way.
Airside Mobile ID digital identity app
Airside Digital Identity App

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