Digital identity management for businesses, simplified

A streamlined way of approaching customer information, including COVID vaccination information, that provides value, trust, and compliance
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Put your customers first by creating confidence in every interaction​

Create innovative, convenient, and seamless experiences for your customers while reducing data security and privacy concerns.

Reduce your risk profile

Airside’s distributed security architecture allows your organization to access personal information based upon user-specified conditions in compliance with regulations, such as GDPR.

Operate efficiently

Lower costs by giving control of administrative functions to the customer, allowing your team to focus on what matters most.

Stand by your customer

Commit to personal data rights and ensure customer satisfaction by using Airside’s straightforward, consent-driven network.

Fast, secured access to verified personal data

Single enrollment

Interoperable, technology agnostic solution, so members use and share their ID across multiple services

Consent driven

Airside leverages a standards-based framework for user consent and alleviates regulatory burden

Privacy by design

Scalable, decentralized architecture ensures the verified ground-truth data is exchanged securely and always encrypted

Privacy First. Human Always.®
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Privacy First. Human Always.®

Control of one’s personal information is a civil liberty. Airside is the world’s first and only privacy network that gives individuals complete control of their digital identity. We offer secure, scalable, user-centric solutions that empower businesses to access shared customer information with integrity.

Truly know your customer!

Strengthen your customer relationships by putting an end to complicated, uncertain checks.

Reliable sources

Airside’s unique and trusted partnerships with government authorities and diagnostic labs ensure authentic digital source verification, giving you and your customers peace of mind. 

Fraud protection

Opt to keep customer information in their hands and out of yours. Data security, privacy, and compliance are the backbone of Airside’s user-centric solution.

Real-time convenience

Facilitate online, mobile, and in-person verification of your customers no matter where you want to engage with them.

Airside is the leading pioneer in digital identity and privacy management

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Airside Digital Identity Network

Airside's Digital Identity Network

Download our pdf to see how we’ve designed our secure decentralized network to provide for an interoperable, consent-driven, standards-based exchange of data.

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