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How customer digital identities create fast, private, and easy airport experiences

Curaçao chose Airside to create a mobile-based, pre-enrollment border crossing system, starting in 2024. Listen to understand why it’s the world’s first of its kind.

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Onfido:Airside Vision Webinar

Identity verification was not built for our increasingly digital world. Customers still have to verify their identity over and over again and businesses still have to spend valuable resources to store data and keep it secure. Learn how Onfido and Airside are making it simple to verify identity once and share anywhere, with the privacy and control each person needs and deserves.

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Onfido:Airside Vision Webinar

What Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) Means

“Users want to know that the data they’re releasing is meaningful for the context of the transaction and is not just going to turn into a cash cow for some business by selling identity data to the highest bidder.” 

– Peter Davis

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The Power of Reusable Identities at World Aviation Festival

International aviation is moving the the tip of the spear for digital identity. Adam Tsao spoke about the worldwide scale of reusable identities and the need for privacy.

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Moving forward in Montreal at ICAO’s Innovation Fair

Airside’s Gabriel Wichrowski speaks about digitized solutions in aviation and beyond, emphasizing the need for a user-controlled, decentralized approach.

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The future is now! American Airlines and Airside discuss mobile ID at FTE Global 2022

Preston Peterson and Amena Ali engage the audience with how to create the touchless travel experience and what’s next.

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American Airlines debuts new security screening option at DFW

We’re delighted to be featured by CBSDFW on the big launch day of American Airlines Mobile ID for TSA PreCheck®!

Amena Ali speaks during UNCTAD eCommerce Week

Start listening at 35:48 to hear how we think the creation of trust is essential to making digital economies work, both online and in person.

A New Take on Biometrics; Adam Tsao and Eric Weiss on the FindBiometrics ID Talk Podcast

We have a slightly different take on biometrics.” Airside’s co-founder and COO chats with The ID Talk Podcast about what Airside brings to the industry. What do you think is the right way to protect this core part of our identities.

Introducing the Airside Digital Identity App

Use our app to verify and share passports, driver’s licenses, and other documents. Our Digital Identity App even links verified IDs to COVID vaccination records.

Airside Digital Identity App featured on NBC's Today Show

We’re thrilled that the Airside Digital Identity App was recommended on The Today Show by NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle as a smart way to carry your vaccination record! Check us out at the 12:14 mark. Available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Amena Ali speaks with the World Travel & Tourism Council

Watch Airside’s CEO discuss how COVID has changed our attitudes to data sharing and how partnerships are integral to reopening borders and implementing seamless travel.

Airside and hc1 explain our digital health passport solution at Plug and Play

A digital health passport is key to enabling COVID-safe experiences and bringing the global economy back. Airside spokesperson and hc1’s, Brent Atwood discuss how our privacy-first approach empowers people to share their verified health results in a secure manner to start going back to work, travel, dining, sports, school, and more.

Airside is highlighted in Kantara Initiative’s Spotlight Program

Learn how we use their consent receipt specifications to establish a clear information exchange for digital identity information.

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Airside participated in South Summit 2020: Innovation Is Business

Watch what we’re doing to bring the travel and tourism industry back while protecting travelers’ personal data.

Airside joins a panel of innovation experts to discuss Tourism Tech Adventures

Hosted by UNWTO, the discussion centers on air connectivity and tourism strategies, and technology solutions for safe travel.

Airside talks with Silicon Foundry, DFW, and Luggage Forward about the new air travel experience

How do you think travel will look in 2021 and beyond? Check out how Airside thinks the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to radically shift priorities in air travel, digital identity and beyond. Read the full transcript here

Hans Miller talks on the Building The Future podcast about digital identity and the shifting global mindset of data security

Get to know Hans and his involvement at the intersection of business and government and learn about Airside’s innovative and cool approach to the puzzle of big data for a variety of industries and all individuals. Read the full transcript here

Airside Pitches for UNWTO's Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge

Airside was selected as one of 9 winners among 1,000+ applications from 100+ countries for the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge.

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Airside's New Identity Platform Discussed on the State of Identity Podcast

Learn how different industry verticals cope with the identity impact of COVID-19, the history of Airside’s Mobile Passport app, and the key considerations that went into building a new identity platform.

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Hans Miller Pitches Airside's Digital ID Solution at the Phocuswright Conference

Airside’s new privacy-by-design, consumer-centric ID platform offers a faster path to deploying biometrics in travel.
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