Airside Awarded with High Identity Assurance Trust Mark from Kantara

Airside Awarded with High Identity Assurance Trust Mark from Kantara

IAL2 Certification Confirms Airside’s Mobile Digital Identity Verification Solution Provides People with Superior Level of Data Protection and Control

  • Airside gained Kantara’s approval for digital identity enrollment, proofing and consent-based sharing at the Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2).
  • The Airside Digital Identity App (available on iPhone and Android platforms) can be used to enroll and verify an individual’s identity. This can then be shared for remote or in-person verification by organizations requiring this high level of assurance, such as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
  • Joining Kantara’s Trust Status List demonstrates Airside’s everyday value for individuals and relying parties relating to a variety of identity proofing engagements, including travel, financial services, real estate, and retail transactions.

HERNDON, VA, January 10, 2023 – Airside Mobile, Inc., the global leader in private digital identity management, announced today that it has been awarded as a trusted Credential Service Provider by Kantara Initiative for its Mobile Digital Identity Verification Solution. Kantara Initiative is a global, non-profit membership community, innovating on the trustworthy use of identity and personal data worldwide. Its identity assurance programs ensure conformance to a variety of trust frameworks, including the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-63-3.

Airside has been granted the use of Kantara’s Trust Mark, evidencing its compliance with the requirements of NIST SP 800-63 rev 3 Class of Approval at Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2).

Noting the highly competitive digital identity market, Airside has been proven to put superior privacy practices and interoperability into practice.

“From day one, we have built our services with two strategic convictions in mind and practice,” said Peter Davis, Airside Chief Technology Officer & Chief Privacy Officer. “First, we flip traditional identity management upside down and start with the individual. It’s their identity; they should own it. Second, our app was designed from the ground up to meet compliance requirements as set forth in international laws, regulations, and standards.”

This confirmation is based on factual data presented by Airside to meet the criteria set forth in NIST SP 800-63-3 and assessed by Kantara’s Assurance Review Board for achieving IAL2.

Airside also uses Kantara’s Consent Receipt specification to establish clarity of purpose, duration, and processors of personal information between the user and the relying organization, and enables the transaction and relevant consents to be properly recorded.

The IAL2 Trust Mark brings high levels of assurance to many use cases including travel, financial services, and more. Airside’s technology provides app users and business partners with a high level of remote or physically-present identity proofing appropriate for transactions. For example, using the Airside Digital Identity App today, individuals may give permission to TSA for processing mobile ID authentication in real-time at an airport security checkpoint. Achieving Kantara certification provides Airside’s relying parties, like the U.S. government, with the utmost confidence that its identity proofing and credential management services have been subjected to the most rigorous of assessments.

Commenting on Airside’s accreditation, Kantara’s Executive Director Kay Chopard said: “We are delighted to welcome Airside to our Assurance Program. Their addition to our coveted Trust Status list upholds their commitment to putting the highest levels of private identity assurance into people’s hands. Airside’s design, development, and implementation of mobile ID protects against threats to the security of individual’s personal data while enabling organizations to grow their business with integrity.”

About Airside

Airside provides instant identity proofing – and sharing – that is fast, private, and simple. Trusted by millions, our patented, decentralized technology allows people to securely verify and store their mobile, digital ID on their phone and share them with complete transparency over the consent and control of their data. Learn more at or connect with Airside on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Kantara Initiative

Kantara Initiative is a global community focused on improving the trustworthy use of identity and personal data. It has multiple working groups that explore innovation, standardization and develop good practice around the collection, storage and use of personal information and identity. Learn more at:


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