Airside Mobile Launches Privacy-Centric Digital ID for Seamless Travel

Airside Digital Identity Network and App

Airside Mobile launches a new digital identity service that enables travelers to conveniently process a secure, private biometric authentication to facilitate access to board planes, enter lounges, and more.


Airside Mobile, Inc. announced today at the Future Travel Experience Global Conference, a new digital identity service that enables travelers to conveniently process a secure, private biometric authentication to facilitate access to board planes, enter lounges, and more.

An industry-first, this interoperable digital ID solution is tailored specifically for the challenges of the travel industry and was designed for privacy compliance from the ground up. The new service combines leading best-in-class travel biometrics solutions with Airside’s traveler-centric, consent-driven identity management platform.

Travelers can use the AirsideX app with its new NFC capability to upload their passport data and photos securely from the RFID chip integrated in the document. Airlines, airports, and other travel providers, regardless of industry, size, transaction type, or requirements, can use the AirsideX API to request and access traveler’s data via a standards-based approach. The platform is designed so that a unique entity is granted access to a designated piece of personal data for a specific use and time period based on need. After reviewing the invitation on their mobile device, travelers can choose to share their passport data with the requesting party with a single tap. Effectively, each piece of personal data is shared with a designated entity only as long as it is required, and the user maintains a full record of which entities have accessed what pieces of data and for how long.

Once at the point of travel, the traveler can opt in to a biometric lane, where a globally-proven, high-speed facial recognition solution matches travelers with the official passport photos they have chosen to share with their travel provider, and then deletes the data. Travelers may also revoke access to their data at any time via the AirsideX app.

The integrated approach requires no permanent databases of Personally Identifiable Information or biometrics. Travelers can store their passport data on their mobile device or choose to upload for each trip. Travelers retain ownership and control of their personal data and grant access only for the time needed to complete the interaction. Personal data is not shared with third parties and is not retained on partners’ systems or Airside’s back-end. Using the highest encryption protocols of distributed key security management means that the whole process is simple, highly secure, and seamless.

“By combining our industry partners’ deep expertise in travel biometrics with the convenience and security of AirsideX, we have turned the vision of ‘seamless travel’ into a reality,” said Chief Commercial Officer Jessica Patel. “We are proud to be building solutions that set the bar for traveler privacy and are encouraged by the industry leaders that are partnering with us to adopt our privacy centric solution.”

About Airside Mobile, Inc.

Airside Mobile is a leading provider of privacy-based digital identity solutions. Among a suite of products, Airside’s award-winning Mobile Passport app is the first commercial product that expedites the customs entry process into the U.S. at most major airports and cruise ports. In concert with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Airports Council International – North America, Boeing, and Airlines for America, Airside has facilitated over 10 million entries into the United States. Established in 2009, Airside Mobile is a U.S. corporation headquartered in Arlington, VA.

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