How the Real Estate Market Eliminates Fraud

Integrate Airside’s innovative digital identity proofing technology into your solution to speed residential applications, provide privacy protections and reduce identity theft and fraud.
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Airside Digital Identity App Rental Tenant ID Verification
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Lost to Fraud Each Year in the U.S.
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Rental Applications are Fraudulent
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Identity Proofing in 30 Seconds​

We provide trusted real-time digital-identity solutions used today by millions of people to breeze through airport security checkpoints, expedite real estate processes, and more.

Start with ground truth sources of data

Confirm identities with Homeland Security-level verification and biometric binding with safe AI and facial recognition

Provide fast and secure mobile app UX

Use the highest levels of encryption to share verified resident attributes, initiated by property manager or resident

Configure for each unique property

Integrate your PMS with our interoperable, standalone solution

How it works


Locate Property

New residents use the Airside Digital Identity App to select a property
Airside Digital Identity App rental screen
Airside Digital Identity App rental screen

Verify & Share Digital ID

New residents quickly enroll a verified driver’s license or passport on the app and provide consent to share it with the property manager

Receive Verified Digital ID

Property managers can view the verified ID in a way that is more safe and private than a traditional identity capture
Airside Rental ID Verification

Customer Support for Property Managers

Using the Airside Digital Identity App for your property and need a little help? Email our team here.

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